Quality and safety

«ORIMI UKRAINE» launches a high-quality production due to “smart” technology and the work of skilled specialists.

Each stage of tea and coffee production process undergoes a thorough examination, where skilled specialists, engineers and tea tasters check each batch of tea and coffee, raw materials, packaging materials which come to the place of production.

A multistage control procedure of «ORIMI UKRAINE» production on every step of manufacturing enables to guarantee high quality. Tea tasters are responsible for the quality of a raw material and end products, as they take part in all stages of tea production. «ORIMI UKRAINE» tea tasters may momentarily define the tea variety and the cultivation place of a tea leaf judging by the look, smell and tea flavor characteristics.

The invigoration drinks should also pass a long way before they are offered to a consumer. The taste qualities of our coffee depend not only on the region of cultivation and the method of ingathering, but also depend on the green coffee beans processing method and quality assessment procedure, which is called cupping. In «ORIMI UKRAINE» the cupping process is held on the highest level, which allows our brands “Jardin” and “Jockey” to have a truly original, unique taste and aroma when brewing.